I got it what is available scale, so what??


There is you often be misunderstanding when you start to study improvisation.

Studying the scales that can be used for that song,
blowing it with its scales randomly listed,
and trying to make Bebop phrases from completely zero by using available scales.

Of course the practicing like this becomes important as practice progresses,
However, first, you should assemble solo with existing phrases.

It’s very dangerous behavior to make phrases with sorting the notes of scales by yourself at the first stage when you try to study improvisation.

For example…

Assuming that your English skills were high school English level,
and assuming that you had to present a presentation in English at your office.

According to the content you want to talk about, you will examine the necessary words according to the content of the presentation,
you sort them grammatically so that there are no mistakes, you know?

You should have nothing to make words by sorting alphabets yourself.

First of all, it is important to memorize words and to arrange them so that there is no mistake about the chord progression of that song.

The “words” is like may be one bar, two bar, four bar, etc.

But I think it’s good way to memorize the words in the unit of like below…

•Two Five
•Minor Tonic

Significance of available scale 

I often hear the question like
” I practiced the phrases it is on the instruction book,
but then how can I tie it to improvisation?”
I used to think the same way.

The reason that available scale is on the instruction book is,
they are not saying “Make phrases by yourself from completely zero”,
it is because it makes you can avoid the situation that it does not sounds well by using the wrong phrases, and it makes you can know what scales fit on this song.

It is compared to you used English alphabet letters when you want to write Japanese sentences.
The instruction book can teach us not to do such a thing and can teach us let’s use Kanji of Japanese on this chord progression, I think.

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