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Nanako ShibuyaI am saxophone & flute player Nanako Shibuya.

I would like to tell you how to practice effectively to be cool jazz improvisation,so I launched this site.

In order to make this site easy to understand, I am going to post about what I’ve resolved doubt while studying jazz improvisation. And I think I will also post what I have noticed day after day.

I am very happy if a person who reads articles helps improvise jazz.

I started alto saxophone in a junior high school brass band. And since then, I am interested in jazz and started practicing.

When I became a high school student I quit the brass band to focus on jazz.

To go on to a music university, after school every day, I was Attach a silencer (e-sax) to alto saxophone at my home, I did copying bebop style jazz improvisation, and practiced jazz improvisation.

At the same time, I joined the big band of the society.

From the first year high school student, I received private lessons from jazz saxophone player Mr. Makoto Oka, and I was acquired excellent students tuition exemption system and go on to Showa University of Music Music Department Jazz Course Alto Sax Course.

At the music university, I received guidance of jazz alto saxophone performance and jazz theory from saxophonist Mr. Kazuhiko Kondo for 4 years.

I received guidance of jazz theory from jazz trumpeter Mr. Yosiro Okazaki.

I received guidance of classical flute playing from flutist Mr. Shuji Masumura.

From the second year of university I received guidance of jazz flute and jazz alto saxophone from saxophone player Mr. Makoto Oka.

I am very grateful to the teachers who instructed me.

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Nanako Shibuya Website
I love the style of jazz called bebop.

YouTube channel

Nanako Shibuya
I had studied Jazz saxophone and flute at Jazz Course of Showa University of Music in Japan. These videos are jazz improvisations that I performed. I am glad...
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